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    Foreign trade salesman

    Qualifications of foreign trade salesman:

    1. college degree or above, English level four or above, fluent in oral English, international trade and other related professional.
    2. can go abroad to participate in the exhibition, face to face with foreign customers.
    3. familiar with the general trade process, with foreign trade related work experience.
    4. proficiency in the operation of the Alibaba platform, familiar with the use of OFFICE and other office software.
    5. have good interpersonal communication skills and teamwork spirit, good psychological quality, can withstand the pressure and frustration, excellent resilience, market perception and ability to grasp the market dynamics.
    6. integrity, conservative business secrets, and safeguard the interests of the company.

    Foreign trade salesman job responsibilities:

    1. responsible for the company's products in the overseas market sales and promotion.
    2. to participate in international exhibitions, regular visits to foreign customers.
    3. foreign trade order negotiation, contract, documents audit, order management, transportation, customs declaration, foreign exchange etc..
    4. according to the marketing plan, the completion of the Department Sales target.
    5. open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales.
    6. responsible for the area of market information collection and analysis of competitors.
    7. responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the area of sales, to complete the sales task.
    8. management and maintenance of customer relations and long-term strategic cooperation between customers plan.

    Area manager

    Job responsibilities:

    1. to complete the regional sales tasks, improve the proportion of products in the region;
    2. The layout of the 2, responsible for regional market development, customer development, network and new customers early entry negotiations;
    3. responsible for regional stores like planning layout, maintaining the overall image of the;
    4. responsible for the product line within the jurisdiction of the setting, product retail price, price formulation, the maintenance of the overall price system;
    5. master the area under the jurisdiction of the customer into, sell, save the situation, in time to follow up the customer delivery plan and logistics delivery status;
    6. responsible for the development of channel promotion program
    7. master the area under the jurisdiction of the dynamic and holiday promotional activities and plans, and formulate a corresponding strategy.

    Job requirements:

    1. college degree or above, marketing or business management and related professional priority;
    2. with more than 1 years of sales management experience is preferred, the home market sales have a stronger understanding is preferred;
    3. hard-working, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;

    Technical worker

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Finish the production task assigned by the product or process in time;
    2. Use machine tools in strict accordance with the operating procedures of machine tools and the requirements of machine tools;
    3. In strict accordance with the process documents and drawings to process the work piece, correctly fill in the working procedure and other quality records;
    4. Responsible for the daily maintenance of machine tool;
    5. In the work, improve the level of self and makerecommendations on the problems in the production process.

    Job requirements:

    1. In the actual operation of ordinary digital milling machine for many years, familiar with the processing characteristics of various materials;
    2. Operate lathe, drilling machine, machine has more than 3 years working experience;
    3. Hardworking, diligent,work fast.