Xinming since its founding, the improved material is always the cornerstone of our innovation. Now, we use the product life cycle assessment and eco design strategies to promote sustainable development in terms of innovation, to ensure the quality and performance of the premise, and strive to reduce the impact of products on the environment.

Promote innovation by means of product life cycle assessment

Effect on the environment through the various stages of the life cycle of product research, we can with comprehensive perspective to develop more energy-efficient, more low cost products.

Product life cycle assessment can tell us which link is the most influential to the environment, which is convenient for us to improve and innovate. For example, the analysis results show that in the impact of customer products on the environment, 60%-96% involves the handling of raw materials and waste products, so we will focus on the product's sustainable strategy in the following two aspects:

  1. Reduce the impact of raw materials on the environment
  2. Waste products resulting from maximum reduction of products

Minimize waste generated by the product to provide customers with sustainable competitive advantage

We strive to reduce the impact of raw materials on the environment, while working to develop more environmentally friendly new products. In order to reduce the waste generated by the product itself and its associated, we focus on the production of more environmentally friendly products and optimize its final treatment.

In addition, we are also fully able to help customers reduce waste emissions program. These programs are part of the competitive advantage of sustainable development. Through them can reduce the waste generated throughout the value chain, to help customers improve business performance and strengthen the environmental protection of the product.