Environmental protection program

In Xinming, we have been trying to reduce the impact on the environment and product operation. In our factory, we make use of energy, materials and water, and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas and waste, as an important target of production and operation.

Carbon emission reduction

In order to alleviate the greenhouse effect, we strive to improve the efficiency of energy use in operations, reduce carbon emissions in the production process. Most of our greenhouse gas emissions come from energy use, so our focus is to improve the energy efficiency of the production process. Through continuous technological transformation to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Through staff training, improve the technical level of staff and environmental awareness, reduce the waste rate in the production process, reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Reduction and recovery of waste

Xinming attaches great importance to reduce the waste products in the production process. Our long-term goal is to achieve zero landfill waste in the production process. We also work with suppliers and customers to reduce the waste generated throughout the value chain.

Design reasonable product service life

Xinming has been collaborating with customers, according to the use of the final product, product design and reasonable service life, through technological innovation, reduce the white pollution to the environment destruction. For the long time use of the products, Xinming through technology to extend the service life of the product, reduce product update rate, reduce the cost of customer use. For short time use products, the new Ming can according to customer needs with biodegradable or recycling program, reduce the pressure on the environment pollution.