Nano Modifying Masterbatch
Nano Modifying Masterbatch

Product introduction

Nano plastic modified masterbatch, superfine, high-quality nano barium sulfate powder body as the main raw material through optimized and combined with carrier resin, intermediates (auxiliaries), so that the product has a plastic raw material with excellent compatibility and dispersibility. The product can be increased application of plastic products of toughness, dimensional stability, heat preservation, can keep the application of plastic products with high light transmittance, surface brightness, surface smooth degree is a high performance, low cost, environment friendly functional masterbatch.

Physical index

  1. Melt index: 1-5g/10min
  2. Water: <0.01%
  3. Density: 1.7-2.2g transparent masterbatch barium sulfate
  4. Appearance: white particles, good plasticizing properties, delicate touch.

This xinming nano modified plastic masterbatch products have passed SGS detection.

Product features

Nano plastic modified masterbatch using unique advanced powder surface modification process, the preparation of nano barium sulfate powder and polymer blends were prepared by inorganic organic nanocomposite materials. The expected rally and polyethylene (PE) resin has excellent compatibility. Join the special matching technology products, reinforcing and toughening effect on polyethylene (PE) products, and finished surface gloss.

Can use ordinary equipment processing, does not affect the product in the process of melt flow. The processing technology need not change, the mechanical equipment wear.

Impact on the performance of small, high transmittance, high gloss, feel smooth, printing performance is better.

Non toxic and non stimulating, delicate, good plastic, uniform size, does not affect the mechanical properties, more excellent than the ordinary additive.

The product is resistant to acid and alkali, resistant to organic solvents, excellent electrical insulation properties.

Product application

Nano modified masterbatch for plastic film blowing, injection molding, sheet, pipe, all kinds of PP, PE plastic products.

Add ratio

The film was added to more than 5%, adding amount of 1-3% film, ordinary film 5-50% content;

Sheet, sheet, pipe, injection molding can be added to 10-40%.

Product packaging

Nano modified composite plastic woven bag with masterbatch packaging, packaging and composite packaging bag, net weight 25kg.

Product storage and storage

Products stored in dry, ventilated place, storage period is 6-12 months, avoid the sun and rain.

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Product: Nano Modifying Masterbatch