Black Masterbatch
Black Masterbatch

Black masterbatch

Selection of black masterbatch high concentrations of carbon black pigment and PE resin and paint additives, by high energy mixing extrusion cooling granulating, carbon black content 20-50%

The appearance of black masterbatch

Black masterbatch for 3.5mm * 3.8mm vertebral body and sheet shaped black 3.0mm * 3.3mm round irregular black body color.

The applicable scope of black masterbatch

Suitable for all kinds of plastic material processing production, environmental protection high black highlight high concentration of black masterbatch.

The advantages of black masterbatch

High black, bright, good dispersion. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, smokeless, smooth surface gloss and color stability, good toughness, does not appear to color and color pattern etc. phenomenon, both to reduce costs, saving additives, plant site pollution is reduced.

The use of black masterbatch method

Black masterbatch and uniform mixing of raw materials can be produced.

The amount of black masterbatch

Recommended dosage 1%-10% (depending on the product characteristics, requirements)

The technical parameters of black masterbatch

  1. Bulk density is 30 DEG 0.98-1.8/cm fand
  2. Heat resistance: 180-300
  3. Melting finger: 1-10g/10min
  4. Moisture: <0.15%

Black masterbatch packaging

25kg/ bag, PE bag or milk white printing plastic composite bag (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Black masterbatch storage

Stored in a cool dry place, avoid blasting bask in the rain.

Note: the above data is not specified as a specific technical specification.