Color Masterbatch
Color Masterbatch

Color masterbatch

Color masterbatch products using high quality PE / PP carrier and a toner, and coupling agent and other special processing aids. After the strict processing and. Has a good physical properties (with the nature of plastic), dispersion, stability, does not affect the precision of the processing machine screw. Color Masterbatch choose Import (or domestic), high-quality organic pigment, with fine dispersed and special surface processing technology, with advanced processing equipment and. Acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistant, non-toxic and tasteless. Bright color, strong adhesion;

The physical properties of Color Masterbatch

Item Test Values Unit
Density GB1033-86 0.95-1.6 g/cm3
MFI GB3682-89 1-15 g/10min
Moisture Q/HJYH-2002 < 0.01 %
Colour   All colors  

Color Masterbatch product features

  • The heat resistance of the product is good, can reach 180 -300,
  • Light fastness reached 5-8,
  • Weathering grade 5-8.
  • The product appearance is even and beautiful, assumes the column or the round cake shape, the color is consistent.
  • The color masterbatch products has the advantages of good dispersion when using, colorless points and no stripes,
  • Light has the advantages of good weatherability, small color difference etc..
  • The melting temperature of 140-200 DEG c,
  • Light weather resistance: 5-8,
  • Color: 1 per thousand,
  • Migration resistance: 4 (class)
  • Resin carrier is PE (PP, PA, PET, EVA, AS, etc.)

The scope of Color Masterbatch

Widely used in injection molding, blow molding, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, plastic toys, plastic electronics, automotive plastic parts, sheet metal, shell of household electrical appliance, chemical fiber, cable, foaming machine, household appliances, chemical, automotive, plastic bags, packaging materials, wire and cable, building materials, household devices, sports and leisure activities. AS, ABS, PE, LDPE, HDPE & LLDPE, PP, PS, PET, PBT, PA, PC,, EVA, PVC,,, and the

The application of the proportion of Color Masterbatch


Packaging Color Masterbatch

Confined good, coated paper plastic woven bag with PE liner bag (with moisture proof) packaging: 25kg/ bag

Color masterbatch for storage and storage

Products stored in dry, ventilated place, avoid the sun and rain.